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Welcome to the fast-paced world of professional racing, and the high-octane sport of CART!

Following the great American tradition of open wheel racing, Barber Dodge Pro Series racing is the ladder series to CART and offers a level playing field where driver skill and ability are the factors determining the outcome.  The series delivers dramatic twists and turns throughout the race season from February to September.

Marketing Information

Our packages will show you how professional racing sponsorship with Mike Richardson Racing can greatly benefit your company. Whether you need to

  1. 1) Drive your brand

  2. 2) Accelerate sales

  3. 3) Launch new products

  4. 4) Make inroads into new markets

  5. 5) Boost Morale!

  • We can put you on the podium!!

The Mike Richardson Racing marketing crew is ready to fuel up and launch your marketing efforts into high gear.  Let us create a customized race-marketing program to help you outpace your competition and take the lead.  We will show you how to integrate a racing sponsorship into your existing programs, or how to build a completely new initiative around racing sponsorship.

Partner with us, buckle up, and see why we say say Mike Richardson Racing is the Ultimate Marketing Vehicle.  Take advantage of our sponsorship program to:

Racing sponsorship lends itself to a myriad of advertising opportunities.

At the track


Drive Sales

Most marketing programs are a blend of brand and response strategies.  It is easy to take the view that sponsoring a racecar is primarily a brand strategy - designed to increase awareness of your brand to the public, but not necessarily expected to directly drive sales.

Business to Business
Inside Sales
Dealer Sales
Sales Programs
Trade Shows


Another key exploitable element of a well-managed sponsorship program is the entertainment aspect.  The racing events lend themselves extremely well to creating an excitement about your brand and products.

Track Opportunities
Off Track Opportunities


The Mike Richardson Racing team will work together with your marketing team to promote the sponsorship relationship, and garner free publicity wherever possible.