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April 20, 2002

Professional driver in market for sponsors
John Tomson Column
The Kelowna Daily Courier

Over the years, Kelowna has produced some fine professional car drivers. I met a new one the other day - Mike Richardson.

The current local pro driver is not that well known here, but Mike Richardson ha built a successful business in Richardson Mechanical Ltd.

He did all the mechanical work on the new high-tech building for Stober Construction, including the geo-thermal heating and cooling. It's nine-year success story with nine staff working for Richardson Mechanical.

Now the engineer is involved in the Richardson Racing Team, which he has been working at for three years. He is entered in the Barber Dodge Pro Series of 10 races, one of them being staged in Canada.

Richardson is seeking sponsors for his car and has already landed the Prestige Inns of Kelowna as a major player. It is a difficult chore, really when your are operating a business, driving in the U.S. and trying to manage a racing team.